Who We Are

Our Mission

To be used by God to bring them in, build them up and send them out by His grace and for His glory

Grace Family Values

1. Humility

Looking inward, we are honest about our beauty and brokenness. We readily confess before God and others our desperate need for Him and testify to the transformation Jesus works in our lives.

2. Presence

Looking upward, we yield our will and ways to the authority, wisdom, love and direction of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives. “Surrendering all discernment, conversations, attitudes, opinions, plans, actions, reputation and authority to Christ’s authority and purpose.”*

3. Unity

Looking outward, we align our actions with Christ’s desire that we be one as He and the Father are One.

We uphold the Peacemaker’s Pledge as our Biblical guide in resolving all conflict and dis-unity. You can view and/or print this document on the right or below if on a mobile device.

4. Authority

As sons and daughters of God, we all walk in our God-given positions of responsibility and authority, part of a royal priesthood. We also submit to the authority of the elders of Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury as those entrusted as under-shepherds to oversee, guide and care for His flock at Grace.
*From Presence-based Leadership – Teaching the Word Ministries

The Peacemaker’s Pledge

Connecting to the Family of Grace

At Grace Fellowship, we are a family of Christ followers who are, in reality, a part of the much larger family of God called the Church. We hope that from your very first Sunday, you feel welcomed to be a part of that family. For those who desire to be invested members of the family of Grace, it can be natural to ask, “how do I make this home?” The answer is to join the Ministry Team. You are considered part of the Ministry Team of Grace Fellowship if you are pursuing the following commitments:

1. Worship

Commit to worship together regularly by gathering at our Sunday morning services. Here, we worship God together in Spirit and truth, and we listen to Him together through His word and His people.

2. Prayer

Commit to establishing a prayer altar in your home and your heart. By surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we commit to daily, persistent, and passionate time with Him in prayer. More information is available at the Prayer Alters space in the lobby.

3. Community

Commit to seeking authentic biblical community. When we meet in smaller groups of Christ followers, we love each other as Christ loved us, learn together how to follow Him more closely, discern how God is calling us to action, and do what we hear from Him. Joining a Grace Fellowship house church is the primary way of experiencing this.

4. Serve

Commit to serving the Body of Christ by investing your time meeting the needs of others through opportunities at Grace Fellowship Church or the York Regional Dream Center. When we sacrificially give of our time, we show God’s love and play a part in growing His Kingdom.

5. Give

Commit to giving sacrificially to God’s work at Grace Fellowship. By offering back to God’s Kingdom a part of the resources He has given to us, we show our trust in Him and our willingness to meet the financial needs of the body of Christ.