Women of Grace Events

 "Roots are a lifeline. They Nourish, supply, anchor and support. Roots are exactly what we need in our journey-roots in Jesus. He is the lifeline that nourishes and supports us with more than enough! Join us February 23, 2019, for truth and real-life answers on how to live #Rooted in Jesus in our every-day lives!"

 Food for Thought is a sell-out, favorite event within Women of Grace!  It's a night to gather your girlfriends, eat, laugh, and listen to an inspiring message. 

Food For Thought Registration February 23, 2019.

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 This is a girl's weekend full of worship, teaching, and connection. It's an opportunity for women to experience and follow Jesus more deeply and to have their hearts and lives transformed. We've spent the year anchoring our roots in Jesus and at this retreat we will continue to be established in our faith and built up in Him. Join us as we celebrate with thankful hearts the fruit that comes from being rooted in Jesus!

Late night girls party at the hotel on Friday night!

Saturday night live – special event!

Spiritually-based and creative, fun workshops!

Engaging speakers!

Meaningful worship!


Life-changing moments with other women rooted in Jesus!

OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS at Hampton Inn Shrewsbury with all event sessions at Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury.

TOTAL COST PER PERSON for 2 overnight hotel accommodations with all meals included and event sessions: 4 women per room $95, 3 women per room $115, 2 women per room $145, 1 woman per room $245.

REGISTRATION In the church lobby between services February 10, 17, 24 or online.

 Retreat registration