Women of Grace is About...?

Women of Grace is a ministry of Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury, but what does that mean, really? We'd like to let you in, to show you what we are about, what we believe and what we do. And to welcome you with open arms and hearts.

We are Jesus-loving women who strive to serve God by serving women in our church and community. As you well know, we are complex and come in many different packages and with all kinds of dings and scratches. We seek authentic Christian growth and fellowship because that's where life happens, that's where we bloom, and that's where God shows up. We offer programs and events, but only as a means to an end - our ultimate aim is to encourage you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and with each other. So no matter what stage of life you find yourself, come and join the party that is Women of Grace!

We employ a team approach, which is useful for many reasons – we share the workload, keep fresh ideas coming, and (most of all) have much more fun working together. Our core team: Sarah Bothwell, Michelle Barshinger, Jeanne Botzler, Lindsay Brown, Jillian Goedeke.