GFC Shrewsbury Men's Ministry 

GFC Shrewsbury Band of Brother’s Overview

“Transformation Through Relationship”

 GFC’s Men’s Ministry (Known as “Band of Brothers”) is dedicated to the vision of leading men to recognize their calling, need for healing, and dependence on Christ and other men.  The vision is simply this: “for men to experience transformation through relationship”.  Men learn through relationship how to lead a life that reflects Christian character, and encourages a desire for accountability. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is Spirit led, instructing, encouraging, equipping, and challenging men.  A safe environment where they can share their struggles, questions, and victories.  Men will discover their true identity in Christ, the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, their unique calling and gifting, reflecting Jesus Christ more and more in their lives.

 We seek to get men to start thinking with the mind of Christ instead of a man-centered worldview.  This is done through providing opportunities for men to grow in their faith, connect with other men, and develop long term relationships of deep friendship and accountability.  We explore the common characteristics of biblical manhood that God has called men to be in their home, workplace, community, and church.  Men are welcome regardless of church affiliation, or degree of Bible knowledge.  We encourage those with a desire to develop relationships of support, encouragement, and accountability with other men in our common battle with sin, and our desire to be men who reflect Christ in our lives.  There are currently several opportunities for engagement with one more in development:

“Men’s Video Series”

* Thursday evenings (7-9pm weekly)

 The primary focus is to draw men that are attending church but not accustomed to men’s groups into an introduction of relationship and what that entails.  Our desire is to create an atmosphere that accepts men where they are, reliance on Holy Spirit to bring about change in the individual, encourages men to invite others to speak into their lives, and to emphasize relationship not religion. We do this through large and small group discussions of how to apply the principles we learn.

 Examples of studies we have done in the past include: “33 The Series” from Men’s Fraternity- Authentic Manhood, “Kingdom Man”, “Kingdom Agenda”, and “Victory In Spiritual Warfare” from Tony Evans, “Stepping Up – A Call To Courageous Manhood” from Family Life.

 Currently meeting in the mini-auditorium outside the main sanctuary.  Men are free to join anytime during the series, and to change tables if they felt led to do so.

 Upcoming Program starting January 4th is “The Battle Plan for Prayer” from the makers of the feature films War Room, Courageous, Fire Proof, and Facing the Giants.

Current Teaching Series

“Men’s Discipleship Group”

* Saturday mornings (8:30-10:30am weekly year-round)

 The primary focus is developing long term life relationships with other men.  We desire to create an atmosphere that is Spirit led with discussions that draw men out of their comfort zone and explore their spiritual gifting, provide accountability and encouragement.  Emphasis is on personal application and discovering Truth about God, ourselves, our purpose, our identity, and our need for each other. Members are encouraged to be open about their lives with their “brothers”, and find the help and encouragement that they need.  Men are often heard saying “I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” The first Saturday of each month the men have breakfast together and give special time to develop friendships. 

Currently meeting in the storefront between Cornerstone Health and the Lord’s gym.  Monthly breakfast is held in the café area to the left side of the sanctuary.

“Men’s Bible Study”

*Tuesday nights (7-830pm weekly year round)

 The primary focus of this group will be developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  This will be done through in-depth study of Scripture bringing context, audience, and personal application into the understanding of Scripture.  Discussion is based around each person sharing what the Spirit is showing them about a particular piece of Scripture.

Currently meeting in the store front between Cornerstone Health and the Lords Gym.

 “Holy Smoques”

*First and Third Sundays (7pm- till whatever, Mike Mader’s home)

(held off site at 4 McCullough Drive, Glen Rock, PA, 717-235-9479)

 The primary focus of this group is developing deep relationships with other men, inviting new comers to men’s ministry in an off-site social atmosphere, while enjoying a good cigar (optional) and refreshments.  We have a spiritual question of the night provided by Holy Spirit that stirs deep conversation and questions.  We also just enjoy talking about whatever comes to our minds regarding work, hobbies, etc.

 “Men’s Special Events”

*Currently under development

 The primary focus of this group is to develop relationships (bonding) around shared interests, promotion of deeper growth through seminars, and most importantly to establish a continued presence in areas where non-believers frequent in order to establish relationships in a non-church environment.  Events will be developed based on common interests that bring about connections with other men.  Events can also be based on games that would promote male bonding and teamwork.  Seminars will have as their focus topics that meet the needs of the men.  Lastly, the team desires to reach non-believing men by establishing an ongoing presence in venues that provide the opportunity to share life, and by just loving and accepting them where they are.  Then when Holy Spirit and the person invites the conversation, we share the Gospel.  Many of these people have been turned off by Christians that talk the faith, but do not walk the faith in regard to loving and accepting people.  Instead they have been judged, not loved.

 For more information contact Bill Purcell at , the church office at 717-235-8390, or visit our website at

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