GFC Shrewsbury Men's Ministry 

"Learning Truth, Living Truth, Sharing Truth"


GFC’s Men’s Ministry is dedicated to provide an atmosphere that seeks to instruct, encourage, equip, and challenge men.  Helping them to discover and grow in their true identity in Christ, the power they have through the Holy Spirit, the need to have community with other men, and to create a desire to be accountable, reflecting Jesus Christ more and more in their lives, and being willing to be vulnerable in what they are struggling with.

Our ministry focuses on discipleship that brings men from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity so that they are able and have a desire to repeat the process with someone else.

We seek to get men to start thinking with a biblical worldview vs. a man centered worldview.    This is done through opportunities for men to grow in their faith while connecting with other men to develop long term relationships of deep friendship and accountability.  They explore the common characteristics of biblical manhood as God has called men to act in their home, workplace, community, and church.  All men are welcome regardless of church affiliation, and there is no requirement to have a background in Bible knowledge.  The only requirement is a desire to develop deep relationships of support, encouragement, and accountability with other men in the common struggle of being men who reflect Christ in their lives.  There are two sub-groups:

"Band of Brothers"

* Fall through Spring Sessions - Thursday evenings starting September through May (7-8:30pm weekly, summer has special events only)

Studies  are based on a variety of programs such as “33 The Series” from Men’s Fraternity- Authentic Manhood, “Kingdom Man, Kingdom Agenda, Victory In Spiritual Warfare” from Tony Evans, “Stepping Up – A Call To Courageous Manhood” from Family Life, guest speakers, and other material.

 Participants are encouraged to remain with a group of 8 men per table where they can discuss the evening’s subject, their personal study time, hear how the Holy Spirit is speaking to others in the group, and develop close friendships in the process.

The main emphasis of this group is to encourage connections with other men, and the development of long term relationships by sharing life together.  This group currently is averaging an attendance of 60-80 men.  Each table has an assigned facilitator that encourages relationship building, and maintains contact with the table’s attendees throughout the week.  The leadership team oversees shepherding of the group, develops program material and events, and prays for the men in the group.

Current Teaching Series


“Men’s Discipleship Group”

* Saturday morning (8:30-10am weekly year-round)

This program is focused on personal transformation and spiritual growth through in depth discussions that are Spirit led.  Emphasis is on personal application and discovering Truth about God, ourselves, our purpose, our identity, and our need for each other. Questions are discussed in an open forum of what is the context, audience, purpose, and personal application of scripture.  Members are encouraged to open up about their lives to their “brothers”, and find the help and encouragement that they need.  Men are often heard saying “I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” The first Saturday of each month the men have breakfast together and give special time to develop friendships.  This group currently averages around 15 to 20 participants.  It is led by a core team that facilitates the discussion and shepherds the spiritual health of the men.

For more information contact Bill Purcell at  or contact the church office at 717-235-8390.