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When Tuesday, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Time 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Place Hanover, PA

Phone Number 7172244767

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In and through God’s love and discernment, the goal of this study is to be led through prayer by the Holy Spirit, to build up others in their gifts and calling. Emphasis will be placed upon the Holy Spirit’s development process for new leaders to demonstrate the diverse design elements of Christ’s character.
We plan to open our home for adults of all ages. Couples and Individuals are welcome. Mature children not requiring adult supervision are always welcome. We plan on having snacks, finger food, and drinks. That being said, we would like to hold pot lucks in the warmer months on a monthly/bimonthly basis as God leads on a Saturday or Sunday. We have a large park behind our house that will help accommodate larger families and younger kids of all ages for these times.
We will be leading using a mixture of structured and topical studies including mixed media. Our House Church will involve a time for instruction, fellowship, worship, and prayer. We also plan to encourage fostering leadership, allowing certain nights to be led by a House Group member. In addition, we plan every month or so to break into smaller groups including a time for men and women’s separate teaching, prayer and fellowship.
At times we will allow for emphasis and expounding on Church messages, to examine and challenge putting what we hear into Godly and daily action. We will also place emphasis on encouraging levels of service within the communities around us.
If there is a disagreement or question or misunderstanding, we rely upon diving into the Bible, God’s Living Word, to study and find resolution. We understand that we all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and denominations, but together we seek God’s Truth, and not our own truth or what we have been told to believe in our past.
The desire and outcome of our study is to provide God’s people a place where love will be evident and expressed in the world around us.