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We believe that what we do within each ministry should flow purposefully out of what we value and love. Whether you have a family of 5 or are single and love to play soft ball, you'll find a place to help you experience God.


LIFT Age 40+ Christian Singles Connection
Shelly Heatwole & Donna Courtney, Co-Directors -
LIFT is a group of age 40+ single adults, whose purpose is to fellowship, build relationships, encourage and lift one another up as we engage in social, spiritual, indoor and outdoor activities, while developing lasting friendships and sharing our faith and interests. LIFT is committed to prayer and growth in God’s word with intent to reach out to the single adult community, bring them into a caring family of believers and followers of Jesus Christ for his Glory!

Ron and Debbie Moore -
The Marriage Ministry’s heartbeat is to equip couples to have Christ-Centered marriages. Our team has been trained to teach and mentor other couples, whether pre-marital or married. We offer marriage enrichment seminars for couples that want to enhance their marriages, and as well as classes and mentoring for couples struggling in their marriages. We also offer a small group Marriage Bible study in the Fall and Spring at some of the Marriage team's homes. Serving opportunities: Mature couples with Christ-centered marriages who have a heart for helping other couples. Training will be provided to help couples who are considering marriage or couples who need to strengthen and overcome struggles in their existing marriages. Learn More

Bill Purcell, Director -
The Men's Ministry exists to provide the opportunity for men to experience Godly life change through developing a relationship with Jesus Christ and to recognize the need to have other men in their life. Men learn through relationship how to lead a life that reflects Christian character, develop accountability, and create a safe environment where men can share common issues. Two opportunities currently exist for men to develop relationship. One is Saturday morning discipleship group that is every Saturday from 8:30am to 10:30am. The first Saturday of the month is a men's breakfast that allows you to bring a friend or just check out the men's group in a comfortable atmosphere. Our other opportunity is "Band of Brothers" that occurs every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm. Teachings include video series, and guest speakers. Worship and table discussion are a must to develop connections and share life together. Serving opportunities: Table Discussion Facilitators, Audio Visual Support, Room Tear Down, Leadership Team Support. Learn More 


Michelle Barshinger, Director
Women of Grace is real women seeking a real Jesus. Whether you are seeking Jesus for the first time or have been following Him for any length of time, come do life with us! Storms come, and life's roles change; but these circumstances don't have to knock us over! Instead, Women of Grace is a place to receive hope, acceptance, and truth along our journeys and to encourage one another to walk in Jesus and stay rooted in Him. Our Bible study program (Study and Share) meets weekly from September through May, our semi-annual girl's night gathering (Food for Thought) takes place in the fall and early new year, and our annual Women's Retreat weekend is held in early Spring. Serving opportunities: Administrative support (day), Events Team, Study & Share, and Thursday morning childcare workers. Learn More



At His Table is a meal ministry program designed to temporarily meet meal needs of those within the body of GFC Shrewsbury. If a Grace family finds themselves in a situation where finding the time or ability to make a meal is a burden, we are here to help. Many who have experienced a loss in the family, hospitalization, surgery, illness, or even welcomed a new child home, have enjoyed the blessing of a home cooked meal provided and delivered by our meal team. At His Table wants to serve you and alleviate the added burden of meal preparation during a time of need. To request meals for you or someone you know in need, please email . Serving opportunities: Cooking meals, delivering meals, donating ingredients or supplies, and home visits. 


Our Mission is to provide relational and practical support to families experiencing the loss of a loved one or a marriage celebration by being the hands (providing practical service), feet (giving guidance and walking with families during both of these stressful events), and heart of Jesus (offering His grace, compassion and kindness) by His Grace and for His Glory.

Rachel Lawrence, Coordinator -
We desire to see everyone connected quickly to Grace and most importantly, to Jesus. Our hope is that everyone would find their place at Grace in worship, service and community. We provide opportunities for connection through the Welcome Center, Connections team, Connection Cards, Newcomer’s Receptions and the church office. We also facilitate events such as Small Groups, Baby Dedications, Baptisms, Newcomer’s Receptions as well as connecting others to service at Grace. Serving opportunities: Newcomer’s Reception Team, Welcome Center Team, Connections Team, Office Receptionists.


The mission of GraceCares is to share the love of God by caring for those attending Grace Fellowship Church in assisting them through the struggles of life. Areas of personal struggle may include financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. We pray with and for those requesting assistance and provide them with helpful resources. A key element of the GraceCares Intake process is identifying the true need(s) and equipping the person to both receive God’s gifts and grace as they are freely given and to connect more fully with His plan
for them.

Chris & Jill Prevas, Co-Directors -
How can I be a child of Christ and struggle with damaged emotions, shattered relationships, enabling behaviors, addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, work, etc? Life Recovery is a safe, caring place where fellow recovering Christians share their experiences, their strength and their hope! A Christian-based 12-Step format is how the Life Recovery program relates recovery struggles to what the Bible teaches. By entering into true fellowship with God and each other, we experience progressive victory. Together we find freedom from the counterfeit gods that rule in our lives! We meet Tuesdays at 7 pm in rom 260. Feel free to drop in anytime. Serving opportunities: We need committed believers in recovery to serve on the Life Recovery Dream Team (set-up/tear-down, tech, teaching, small group leading, emcee, greeters, sponsorship, team leaders). Learn More

Theresa Capel, Interim Director -
The Prayer Team exists to pray without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17) in support of the vision and mission of our church. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive prayer ministry to every individual and program in the Body of Christ in accordance with scripture. Prayer requests are submitted to us for distribution to the prayer team members via 717-235-8390 extension press 2 or email at . Members also serve by praying for individual needs following each Sunday service, praying in and for services, by participating in prayer walks, and by prayer/fasting for special calls to prayer. We commit to pray, but remain flexible allowing the Holy Spirit to lead our prayers. Serving opportunities: Prayer warriors who will commit to praying daily for prayer requests… to “Stand in the Gap” for others. Ezekiel 22:30. Prayer team members “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law.”

Kris Cysyk, Director -
Stephen Ministers are men and women who have been trained to provide Christ-centered, one on one care and support to those who find themselves in difficult seasons of life. The Stephen Ministry motto is: Christ Caring for People through His People. We meet with people on a regular basis, for as long as someone needs us to provide a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, a caring heart, support and encouragement. A care receiver is carefully assigned to a Stephen Minister based on gender (women meet with women, men meet with men), life experience, personality, etc. Care is provided with great confidentiality, integrity and compassion. Serving opportunities: Men and women with compassionate hearts to provide Christ-centered care to our church family. Requirements include a 50 hour training course over several months and attendance at Supervision Meetings and Ongoing Training. Learn More


Tara Farmer, Director -
Our desire in Grace Kids is that children will KNOW, GROW, and GO for HIS Glory. We want them to KNOW God, His word, His Love, and His amazing Grace! We want to help every child GROW in their relationships with Christ and others! We strive to equip each kid to GO and tell their world (their schools, neighborhoods, and families) about Jesus! Serving opportunities: Volunteers always welcomed and needed. Learn More

Alex Gilbert, Director - , Lori Broberg, Director, Internship -
We are a MOVEMENT of students and families who COME ALIVE to the LOVE of Jesus, BECOME ROOTED in the TRUTH of Jesus, and TELL THE WORLD about the GRACE of Jesus. We are passionate about loving Jesus and make him famous! Our leaders are disciples of Jesus who have COME ALIVE to the LOVE of Jesus and are continuing to COME ALIVE in their relationship with Him, as they love, serve and disciple 7th – 12th grade students. Our D-Groups (Discipleship Small Groups), are gender, grade specific groups, where leaders and students BECOME ROOTED in the TRUTH of who Jesus is, what He has done for them, and what He has called them to; they share life with them so students know there is a safe place to talk about where they are in life. Students are taught how to effectively and relevantly TELL THE WORLD about the GRACE of Jesus in their homes, schools, community, sports teams, etc. We have AWAKEN: A Worship Gathering for Students, and D-Groups for 7th-12th grade students on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9:00pm. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Serving opportunities: COMMITTED, DEDICATED & FUN male & female leaders who are MADLY IN LOVE WITH Jesus and committed to seeing our next generation Come Alive to His Love, Become Rooted in His Truth and tell the World of His Grace. Learn More


, phone: 717-235-7474 option 1
Adopt-A-Block began as an outreach of the LA Dream Center and has grown to meeting needs of 40,000 people every month in the city of Los Angeles. Adopt-A-Block trains and mobilizes small armies of devoted followers of Christ to go into neighborhoods of poverty, in order to meet basic needs and build relationships – all for the cause of Christ! This is not social justice for the sake of social justice—it’s social justice for the sake of the Kingdom! This is for volunteers who understand that cleaning a street, repairing a home, providing company for the lonely or food for the hungry can be ways to reach a soul with the Good News of Jesus Christ! God has opened doors in amazing ways for significant opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus in York, Shrewsbury, and Stewartstown. Serving opportunities: Enthusiastic volunteers who will commit to visiting a particular neighborhood each week with a team and to serve at community events.

, phone: 717-235-7474 option 2
The Donation Center is a vital and active support ministry to directly benefit those in our community by providing the basic material necessities for everyday life with grace, compassion, and non-judgment. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus while blessing individuals and families with gently-used clothing and household items generously donated by other members of our community. Our hope is that our services will allow those individuals to be less burdened and better able to spend their limited income on other necessities. The ministry supports and works alongside many other community outreach ministries and we provide varied opportunities for people to give back in return for what they receive. The Community Closet is a multi-denominational ministry and we are seeking any volunteers who have a passion to humbly serve others and are relational minded. Serving opportunities: Volunteers to process donated goods and build relationships in the store and warehouse. Helpers needed to work alongside Adopt-A-Block during monthly outreaches. Also needed are volunteers with administrative or computer skills, those who like to organize events and those with a heart for working with our “specially abled” volunteers.

, phone: 717-235-7474 option 4
Cornerstone Health and Wellness Center is comprised of a number of ministries caring for the needs of the Grace family and surrounding community sharing Christ's love and healing. Faith community nurses provide advocacy, counseling, education, and referrals. Medical missions provides supplies and equipment to individuals and groups on mission trips. The wellness team provides educational programs and studies promoting health. We partner with others throughout the area and region. Our key verse is Ephesians 2:20 Christ Jesus is the Cornerstone. Serving Opportunities: people with administrative, budgeting, clinical, communications, community resources, health education, fundraising, legal, marketing, public relations and volunteer expertise.

; theharvestcafé ; ; ; phone: 717-235-7474 option 5
The Harvest Bakery is currently operating at a level in which baking is done for local business who order specific items and supplying baked items as needed for ministries at Grace. It is our goal to put a product out that will carry a message that shares the vision of the Dream Center. The Bakery and the Café work together to provide baked good items to give and sell to guests while fellowshipping and sharing the love of Jesus with them. One of our dreams is to be able to bring people in to teach basics in healthy cooking and baking from scratch. The Food Distribution Center exists to offer both fresh produce and non-perishable items to families in need of food assistance. Serving Opportunities: Volunteers are needed on a daily basis for many different duties and as we prep, wash dishes and bake we are building skills and relationships with each other. We also need volunteers who like to plan events and teach basic skills.

, phone: 717-235-7474 option 3
A Lord’s Gym can be found at many Dream Centers around the world, all with their origins at the LA Dream Center. The premise for a Christian gym facility is to build people up three-fold – body, mind and spirit – while also building relationships between the volunteer staff and patrons. The staff will exhibit Christ-like character, the atmosphere will be non-threatening and uplifting with good music and great scripture art. The facility hopes to attract those who would not necessarily come to church or who have given up on church and/or themselves. A beacon of hope where people can find acceptance and a place where “everybody knows your name”. Serving opportunities: Volunteer front desk personnel, certified group fitness class instructors. 


Dean & Melody Miller, Coordinators -
Our Sunday Cafe is to be an area of welcoming and gathering... where visitors can feel at home when they are greeted with a smiling face and a cup of coffee... and a place of refreshment for our church family of all ages to linger, fellowship and uplift one another. Serving opportunities: Team members to prepare the coffee & snacks, serve up a warm smile and a friendly greeting. Team Leader for the 11:00 service - to serve and oversee the final Cafe clean-up. Providing baked goods on a monthly basis.

Gail & Richard Pohl, Greeters -
Marilee McGill, Welcome Center -
We are men and women dedicated to serving the Grace Family on Sunday mornings and having a fun time doing it. We are comprised of two teams, The Welcome Center Team and The Greeters Team. We serve the Lord and our church congregation by welcoming newcomers and regulars with a handshake and a smile. At the Welcome Center, we strive to provide helpful answers to the various questions and concerns brought to us. These are two great ministries for husbands and wives to do together on a rotational basis. Serving opportunities: Reliable volunteers with smiling faces to serve on a rotation basis.

Tree Curran, Director -
We are a devoted group of men, women and youth serving our congregation before and during the Sunday worship services; Bulletin hand-out, Seating assistance, offering collection, and communion once a month. You can serve as often as you would like. Most of the team serves once a month. We look forward to you joining our team and help serve the GFC body. Serving opportunities: Reliable volunteers with a welcoming personality to serve in a team rotation.


Kelly Willie, Director
The Worship Arts team is comprised of those who have a well-developed gifting in areas of vocals and/or as an instrumentalist, have a strong heart for worshipping Jesus in Spirit and in truth, and have an understanding of what it means to lead a large group of worshippers into a deeper connection with the Lord. Serving opportunities: Experienced musicians.

Jeff Price (JP), Director of Technical Arts
The Technical Arts team is comprised of those who have expertise in the areas of sound engineering, power point operation, lighting, stage plotting and video, and are willing to learn our worship expression. Serving opportunities: Experienced or beginner technical artists with aptitude and willingness to learn.

We serve and bless the Worship Arts and Technical Teams as well as the Teaching Pastor by serving them breakfast to sustain them through their long day of serving at both worship services. We bring breakfast for approximately 15 people, allowing the team to “refuel” in between services. Serving opportunities: Men and woman who love to cook (or bring breakfast food) and are willing to serve the Worship Arts team - on a rotational basis (even if once a quarter).

Kelly Willie, Director
We are beginning to develop a team for creative ways to incorporate the arts into Worship: Painting, Dance, Drama, Graphic Arts, Stage Design and other creative artistic expressions. Serving opportunities: Presentation of ideas to be considered during team development.

Brenda Davis,
We offer interpreting for the deaf during our 9:00 a.m. Worship Service each Sunday. Church events or activities can be interpreted upon request. Serving opportunities: Proficient ASL signers needed for rotational serving.