Our Elders

Our Elders


At Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury, we believe it is the responsibility of church leadership to recognize the emergence of men whom the Holy Spirit has prepared for overseeing the congregation as elders. This initial recognition is confirmed by spiritual discernment regarding their (a) quality of character, (b) giftedness, and (c) burden and concern for the Body of Christ. 

Instead of a lofty office with a lofty title, elders are to serve in humility among the people of God.

Overseeing is work, not dignity of office and the Body of Christ needs men who are, first and foremost, men of God.

Our elders have made a commitment before the Lord and our congregation to be:

“Humble men who hear God together and function as a unified body in decisions regarding direction, doctrine, discipline, and discipleship for the overall guidance of the congregation spiritually, legally, and administratively to advance of the Kingdom of God through the vision and mission of Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury”

Jeff Smith, Allan Urban and Ben Lawrence – representing three generations – have been chosen by God to serve as our elders for this season of ministry.